Transformer guitar. Ra 3000Ω, the power of 80W.

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Zaa anode-anode impedance Imax maximum current
UL peel off the ultra-linear Raa resistance of the anode-anode
Laa inductance of the anode-anode, f=120Hz sizes overall dimensions
Pmax maximum power kn:n transmission
Ro load resistance price price
fmin minimum frequency fmax maximum frequency
core core type weight approximate weight
Push Pull - PP80-G1
Pmax Za Imax Raa UL kn:n Ro La
80 W 3400 Ω 200 mA - - - 4, 8 and 16 Ω -
fmin fmax Core Size W Size H Size L Weight Count
10Hz @ -3dB
20Hz @ +/-1dB
60kHz @ -3dB
20kHz @ +/-1dB
EI96/35 PDF specification, version without caps
PDF specification, version of a lens cap
PDF data sheet for the version with two caps
2 kG 1
1-5 units 5+ units 10+ units 25+ units
76.0 USD 72.0 USD 69.0 USD 65.0 USD
extra charge for a version with a single cap 12.0 USD
payment for the version with two caps 24.0 USD

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