300B SE

Idel chance to set-based SE amplifier 300B with stabilized lamp filament, and the rectifier tube (eg 5u4gb).

Download specifications in PDF

weight approximate weight Za Anode impedance
fmax maximum frequency Imax maximum current
price price price price
Imax maximum current core core type
Pmax maximum power Ra anode resistance
sizes overall dimensions R resistance
Uwe input voltage weight approximate weight
UL peel off the ultra-linear weight approximate weight
fzas operating frequency kn:n transmission
price price L inductance, f = 120Hz
sizes overall dimensions Un/In output voltage for current
Pmax maximum power Ro load resistance
core core type La anode inductance, f = 120Hz
sizes overall dimensions core core type
fmin minimum frequency
Choke - D8-1
L R Imax Core Size W Size H Size L Weight Count
8 H 80 Ω 0.15mA mA EI66/32 PDF specification, version without caps
PDF specification, version of a lens cap
PDF data sheet for the version with two caps
1.2 kG 2
1-5 units 5+ units 10+ units 25+ units
60.0 USD tel. tel. tel.
extra charge for a version with a single cap tel.
payment for the version with two caps tel.

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