300B SE

Idel chance to set-based SE amplifier 300B with stabilized lamp filament, and the rectifier tube (eg 5u4gb).

Download specifications in PDF

R resistance La anode inductance, f = 120Hz
fmax maximum frequency Uwe input voltage
Imax maximum current fmin minimum frequency
fzas operating frequency core core type
price price Za Anode impedance
Pmax maximum power Un/In output voltage for current
sizes overall dimensions core core type
kn:n transmission core core type
weight approximate weight sizes overall dimensions
Ra anode resistance sizes overall dimensions
price price weight approximate weight
UL peel off the ultra-linear weight approximate weight
price price Imax maximum current
Pmax maximum power L inductance, f = 120Hz
Ro load resistance
Choke - D8-1
L R Imax Core Size W Size H Size L Weight Count
8 H 80 Ω 0.15mA mA EI66/32 PDF specification, version without caps
PDF specification, version of a lens cap
PDF data sheet for the version with two caps
1.2 kG 2
1-5 units 5+ units 10+ units 25+ units
60.0 USD tel. tel. tel.
extra charge for a version with a single cap tel.
payment for the version with two caps tel.

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