LO SE25-3

The transformer is made on the annealed cores , thickness of laminations 0.23 mm . Fits to the transformer cover OT-12,5 (12,5x12,5x12cm accessories section). Ideal for amplifiers on 300B tubes and EL34.

Download specifications in PDF

core core type Pmax maximum power
Za Anode impedance Ra anode resistance
kn:n transmission fmin minimum frequency
fmax maximum frequency weight approximate weight
price price La anode inductance, f = 120Hz
sizes overall dimensions Imax maximum current
Ro load resistance UL peel off the ultra-linear
Single Ended - LO SE25-3
Pmax Za Imax Ra UL kn:n Ro La
25 W 3000 Ω 200 mA 155 Ω 43 % 27:1, 19:1 4 i 8 Ω 30 H
fmin fmax Core Size W Size H Size L Weight Count
10Hz @ -3dB
20Hz @ +/-1dB
60kHz @ -3dB
20kHz @ +/-1dB
CC PDF specification, version without caps
3.0 kG 1
1-5 units 5+ units 10+ units 25+ units
167.0 USD 158.0 USD 150.0 USD 142.0 USD

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