For transformer protection shield fits OT14. Transformator can be made on the annealed laminations thick 0.3 mm for an additional charge 29USD.

Download specifications in PDF

core core type Pmax maximum power
fzas operating frequency Uwe input voltage
Un/In output voltage for current weight approximate weight
sizes overall dimensions price price
Power Transformer - TS300-6
Pmax Uin Fz Core Size W Size H Size L Weight
300 W 230 V 50 Hz EI120/53 PDF specification, version without caps
PDF specification, version of a lens cap
PDF data sheet for the version with two caps
5 kg
Ua1 Ua2 Ua3 Ua4 Ua5 Ua6 Ua7 Ua8
0-10-160V/0,4A 290V/0,06A 90V/0,06A 6,3V/2A 12,6V/5A - - -
Osłona Count
- 1
1-5 units 5+ units 10+ units 25+ units
105.0 USD 100.0 USD 95.0 USD 89.0 USD
extra charge for a version with a single cap 14.0 USD
payment for the version with two caps 28.0 USD

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